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Gravity's Rain 331 or The White Continuum

Erasing. Black and White. Pynchon made poignant or problematic or paranoid or just plain wrong.
Gravity's Rain 331 or The White Continuum

I tried my hand at erasure poetry today. I wanted to use a text that I thought would have some thick pages full of meaty phrases. What could be more verbose and dense than Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow. I took a quick snap of it with my iPhone and then used the Markup feature to mess with it. Here's what it looks like:

If I were to write this poem out, it would go like this:

"Gravity's Rain 331 or The White Continuum"

by Stephen Hebert

holding off, waiting
to destroy
this metropolis…

a fatal mistake.
write and wrong.

the white continuum plots

—— sick children
in danger,
speaking lines
in levels of power ——

aboard a ship of policy,
allowed to hunt.