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preter-so(u)lar ⍟

the exegesis of memes. the application of electromagnetic waves. extraterrestrial. the voyage beyond.
preter-so(u)lar ⍟

Image by cdd20 from Pixabay

2 exegete the meme
  is 2 ⇣understand⇡ the modern:
    the way we communic-8⌁⌁
      shOrt, digital bursts
        thumb⌁flicked & flung
          N2 heaven
            @ light⌁speed,
              preter-so(u)lar ⍟
            +sum years hence
          4 alien minds 2 find.
        electromagnetic archaeolo-Gs
      uncover [apocryphal‽] truths:
    what it iz 2 b u
n 2O-twin-E.