Writing and Recipes
Writing is not a recipe. There is not a right way and a wrong way to write. Writing is individual, idiosyncratic, subject to each mind’s own whims and wanderings.
Creating a Shutdown Ritual
No matter how much I work today, there will still be more to do tomorrow. So, I created a shutdown ritual to close out today and setup for success tomorrow.
Houston, We’ve Had Emotions
Emotions aren’t wrong or bad, Gus. They’re just information our brain gives us to help us understand what’s going on all around us.
The Unruly Buddha Does Not Own a Scale
Life is NOT about trying to drag a certain number down. Life is about picking yourself up and being present.
The Lesson of the Gardenias
The things in our garden that seem so small—a pair of flowers on a bush in mid-May—echo the patterns of the great and cosmic.

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Sun is setting in the garden and there’s a beautiful light pouring over the cacti plant. I placed the tiny buddha statue in the middle and took a few shots - viola.
Photo by Samuel Austin / Unsplash