Measuring What Matters
Each of us has a god, an ultimate concern, around which we orient our days and lives.
Listening to Voices
Writing often feels like listening to voices inside your head. Little snippets capture you, if you have ears to hear. You’ve really got to tune in, though.
Rigor and Vigor
Which word do you think best describes your classroom: rigorous or vigorous?
The Bark of This Texas Elm is Pink
Sometimes, living the contemplative life means doing something that most people would only do when they are high.
The Diamond of Glory
One of the hallmarks of your imaginative play, Gus, is that you are fully committed to it. Sometimes, I even have to ask you to come out of character and be Gus for a while.

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Sun is setting in the garden and there’s a beautiful light pouring over the cacti plant. I placed the tiny buddha statue in the middle and took a few shots - viola.