Week Links: 05 Sep 2020

New websites. A couple of stories. And some required reading. Quite a bit to chew on this week!

Week Links: 05 Sep 2020

Something New

I've been working on three new websites of late:

  • The Unruly Buddha. This blog pulls together my posts on all things related to spirituality. It's a space for me to explore religion, worldview, life philosophy. How do we live? How do we live well? What is the good life?
  • ROOTED. This is a joint venture with my friend, Jared. We are building a community of educators who want to share their expertise. This is where much of my efforts lately have been focused.
  • /LIT. (Pronounced "slash lit.") I'm building this website with my high school seniors, a group of students dedicated to writing about media and culture from a Gen Z perspective. It's fledgling. Not quite ready for primetime, but enjoy a preview!

Here on Week Links, I'm going to pull together my work on those websites, as well as my posts here at sbhebert.com, as well as some other new and noteworthy stuff that I find. Rather than sending out individual posts as email newsletters, I'll be sending this newsletter out each week. (Those of you that are subscribed, you'll be getting it in your inbox!)

I hope you find it enjoyable, helpful, and encouraging!

I wrote these...

Do Not Hurry; Do Not Rest
We cannot rush into a new school year, and, yet, we also cannot rest. We constantly work to make things a little better today than they were the day before.
ROOTED Weekly: 5 September 2020
New, hybrid learning environments. Robot grading. Support for teenagers in a pandemic. Rooted action. Students agency. A lot packed in this week!


I'm keeping a #RequiredReading Collection over on Twitter, but you can benefit from it too!