Looking Back: February 2022

February may be the shortest month of the year, but I had plenty going on. Here's what I wrote in February 2022.

Looking Back: February 2022
Photo by Behnam Norouzi / Unsplash

February came in like a lion, didn't it? It is not going out like a lamb; I can assure you of that. We've got some changes coming, some news on the horizon, but for now you'll have to content yourself with these links to the pieces I wrote this past month.

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Workables #10: Creativity Can Be Painstaking, but It’s Also Life-giving
Find the hook that brings you back...
Workables #11: The Tyranny of Goals
For some, goals work. For others, however, goals become dark clouds.
Workable #12: Try Slow Reading
There’s a lot of books out there, but that doesn’t mean you have to rush through them.
Workable #13: Practice, Trust, Commitment, and Output
What is the relationship between practice, trust, commitment, and output?


(Re:)write #6: Getting It Wrong
In this edition, I get it wrong...in more ways than one. Blürg.
(Re:)write #7: When Things Fall Apart
We pause.


ROOTED Newsletter: February 2022
The latest ROOTED Newsletter is here. Thoughts on Wordle, pedagogy, and the best of what’s around in education.
Grading for Learning in Rochester and Teaching without Homework
Schools in Rochester are grading for learning, and I’m teaching without homework. Read on!

the unruly buddha

Built for Generosity. Built for Happiness.
If money doesn’t buy happiness, why are we so focused on it? What’s with our chase for status? I’ve hit 40, y’all...what am I doing?!!?
Knowing Your Failure
The more we see [and know our failures], the more by grace we shall long to be filled full of endless joy, for we are created for that. — Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love, chapter 8When we look earnestly at our failures, we come to understand who we really

what's next?

As I write this, Ukraine is in turmoil. "(Re:)write #7: When Things Fall Apart" addresses that. I've been following the news, hour-by-hour. I can't help but think that this is a turning point in history, one of those monumental moments we'll understand only in hindsight.

I ask that you join me in praying, meditating, holding a silent moment of respect, of metta (lovingkindness), for those most deeply impacted by the actions of Vladmir Putin and his enablers. My heart is with the Ukrainian people. I cannot imagine their suffering...

Photo by Jeremy Beck / Unsplash