Looking Back: January 2022

Looking Back: January 2022
Photo by Bea Fladstad / Unsplash

Here we are, about 1/12 of the way through 2022. Damn. It feels quite a bit like 2021, doesn't it? Let's hope that trend abates, right?

January was a busy month. I returned to teaching, but I also spent A LOT of time writing. Here are the items you can check out (and I hope that you do!).

It's Not Working Yet

The efforts on inwy continued. I'm publishing at least one post per week. Workables are going strong and (Re:)write is as well. Read the items below and see if you'd like to subscribe.


Workables #3: Art Comes from Abundance
The universe is full of infinitely good ideas and the best way to access them is to practice our craft.
Workables #4: Creation is Connection
As we make things, our brains make new connections.
Workables #5: You Need a Jar
Ideas are like fireflies. You need something to put them in...
Workables #6: When the Impending Doom is Palpable
The impending doom is palpable. What do you write?
Workables #7: Sparking Your Practice with To-do Stacks
How can a “to-do stack” keep your writing on track?
Workables #8: Sparking Your Practice with the Seinfeld Hack
Keep track of your streaks and provide your own positive reinforcement.
Workables #9: Follow Your Practice Wherever It Leads
Your practice is yours. Follow it!


(Re:)write #3: Matt Smith’s Chin, Accosting Ernest Shackleton, and Other Minutiae
In which we look at similes, Scrivener, and structure...join in!
(Re:)write #4: Routine, Rumination, and Revision (also Taylor Lautner’s Abs)
What do you do when Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner interrupt your plans?
(Re:)write #5: Turn Directly to It
When you hit a snag, lean right into it.


ROOTED continues to experience a little resurgence. Here is what I published over there:

Ballooning Responsibilities & Identifying What Matters
To be a teacher in 2022 feels like a graceless situation…what to do about it?
ROOTED Newsletter: January 2022
The beginning of a new semester offers so many promises. But so many of us feel anxiety about returning to school...

the unruly buddha

I spent some time getting out of my suburban rut...as always...

The Pleasure of Sitting
In the beginning, sitting can be torture, but it gets better. Really. It does. Try this!
Making a Fresh Start with Daily Notes
Use this Monk Manual-inspired technique to kickstart your day with intention, gratitude, and hope.
People Aren’t Problems to Solve
Every afternoon, I pick my son up from school and drive him home. This usually happens at about 5pm. He likes to stay after school and play outside with his friends: basketball, soccer, whatever is competitive. On the way home, he’s often a little zonked from playing so hard.

What's Next?

I'm continuing to work on the rewrite of my novel. I'm teaching classes. Things are humming along. Stay tuned for more and thanks for subscribing!